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Polyfin AG is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and high-quality FPO / ECB roofing and sealing membranes

About us

POLYFIN stands for high-quality roofing and sealing membranes made of FPO/TPO for flat roofs, green roofs, structural waterproofing and special applications.

With a competent team, we offer a flexible service from production to on-site installation. We have successfully proven this in over a quarter of a century with millions of square meters of our products installed.

Our system solutions

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Ecology, material and system quality are of central importance to our company. Our customers can choose from an extensive range of system accessories for all details on flat roofs.

Anton Bruckner University, Linz

Anton Bruckner University, Linz

KTM Motohall, Mattighofen

KTM Motohall, Mattighofen

Wildlife overpass A1, Kemmelbach

Wildlife overpass A1, Kemmelbach

Why Polyfin?

POLYFIN AG consistently relies on the sustainable material FPO (flexible polyolefin). Unlike other waterproofing materials, FPO is free from plasticizers and halogens. It is also extremely resilient and has a very long service life. The combination of POLYFIN products with green roofs and photovoltaic systems has been part of our strategy from the very beginning and is therefore an integral component.
In addition to the products, whose main characteristic is flexibility, this is the guiding principle for the entire company. From production and customer service to product application, POLYFIN AG's flexibility makes it the ideal partner for building owners, planners and installers. Thanks to our uncomplicated and solution-oriented approach, we live customer orientation day after day.
New materials, new products and new applications are the guarantee of our success. For this reason, POLYFIN AG consistently focuses on innovation. Innovations are not only driven by technical innovations, but above all by the wishes of our customers.

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