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We create living spaces. With well thought-out, clever and environmentally friendly waterproofing solutions.

Polyfin AG is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and high-quality FPO / ECB roofing and sealing membranes.

Quality made in Germany: POLYFIN AG's roofing and waterproofing membranes are all produced at the company's site in Meckesheim (near Heidelberg).

In addition to FPO / ECB roofing membranes for flat roofs, today's product portfolio also includes FPO / ECB structural waterproofing for components in contact with the ground as well as interior floor waterproofing, tank waterproofing and parking deck waterproofing. In this way, our FPO / ECB roofing and waterproofing membranes give our customers in numerous industries a clear competitive edge. 

We serve several thousand customers globally and sell our FPO / ECB roofing and waterproofing membranes in many countries around the world. We draw on more than 50 years of experience in the field of plastic waterproofing membranes, which we use every day to ensure that you and your company benefit from the advantages of our innovative solutions.


Flat roofs can help to reduce or optimize a building's land consumption. In addition to its pure function as the "upper end of a building," it can be assigned many other useful functions: Roof terraces and roof gardens create additional recreational space for building users. Green roofs improve rainwater retention, provide more biodiversity and create important habitat for bees and other insects. In addition, they ensure a reduction of the "Heat Island Effect" (unintentional temperature increase of the microclimate in urban areas).




Proximity to our customers is the core of our business. We see the entire network of builders, planners and processors as our task to achieve the best solution for all parties involved with individual service.

With high-performance logistics partners and long-standing sales partners throughout Europe, we ensure reliability in the construction process.


Through customer proximity and permanent discourse, we succeed in finding the optimal waterproofing solution for each individual building project.

In doing so, we take into account national legislation, environmental requirements, and product- and building-specific features.






The requirements placed on buildings are becoming ever more comprehensive and schedules ever tighter. This requires a high degree of individuality and flexibility. With our know-how in planning and processing, we always find the right solution to fulfill our customers' wishes.





Buildings and structures are constantly exposed to all kinds of wind and weather, are used intensively and adapted again and again in the course of their service life. Waterproofing is of particular importance here, which is why we also pay great attention to the small details.

Our product design ensures safe and efficient work, the quality of our products ensures a long service life, and holistic planning creates opportunities for later adaptations such as photovoltaic modules, urban gardening or similar.


Although only founded in 2004, but still with experience going back to the 1950s in the background!

POLYFIN AG has decades of experience in the field of production, consulting and distribution of innovative plastic roofing membranes through its current and former shareholders. As early as the 1950s, the two companies Shell and BASF had the trademark "Lucobit" patented. LUCOBIT AG is still a shareholder of POLYFIN AG today. Odenwaldchemie-GmbH (Schönau) and Binné & Sohn GmbH & Co.KG can also look back on decades of experience in this field, which form the foundation of POLYFIN AG.

The year 2004 marked the beginning of a success story for POLYFIN AG that continues to this day, characterized by continuous growth and the willingness of the shareholders to invest.

One milestone in this process was the commissioning of POLYFIN AG's state-of-the-art production facility in Meckesheim near Heidelberg in 2015. In the course of the new construction of the production plant, POLYFIN AG's corporate headquarters were also relocated from the premises of Odenwaldchemie to Meckesheim.

In 2020, a new chapter in the history of POLYFIN AG was written: With the exit of Odenwald-Chemie, Büsscher + Hoffmann GmbH (Enns, Upper Austria) joined as a shareholder and currently holds 60% of the company's shares.

Through Büsscher + Hoffmann GmbH, POLYFIN AG opens up new, far-reaching distribution channels, especially in Austria and the countries of Eastern Europe.



Ecology and sustainability represent a central issue for us.

This topic concerns both the raw materials and precursors used in the manufacture of our products and their use in construction projects, including their processing.

Raw materials and intermediate products

POLYFIN AG has deliberately chosen to manufacture and distribute FPO roofing membranes that are free of PVC, plasticizers (phthalates), halogens, solvents and heavy metals.

This circumstance leads to an excellent ecological profile, equally to an above-average long service life.

Unlike many other building products, which are free of solvents per se, Polyfin membranes also do not require solvent mixtures as auxiliary materials during processing.


New EPD to ISO 14025

and new EN 15804+A2, as well as the possibility of CO2 compensation for all roofing membranes.


New shareholder

Büsscher & Hoffmann acquires 60% of the shares in POLYFIN AG


FM Approval for the Polyfin Duo GS


Trademark application Polyfin Duo


New production plant

in Meckesheim put into operation


New construction

of the company headquarters in Meckesheim


First EPD 

for an FPO roofing membrane in Europe


New share holder

Lucobit AG


Foundation Polyfin TR

Geomembran Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
in Orhanli/Tuzla İstanbul in der Türkei


Foundation Polyfin AG

Trademark application Polyfin
Shareholder Binné & Sohn


Roofing membrane expertise at Odenwaldchemie

first FPO roofing membrane production
Polyfin is the flat roof product division of Odenwaldchemie