Polyfin Wartungswegbahn

Art.No. 8106/003-02-750


Synthetic roofing sheet with glass-fibre reinforcement, FPO, bitumen compatible

The POLYFIN maintenance walkway membrane is an FPO  membrane with a textured surface that is used for walkway protection of flat roof waterproofing (e.g. walkways for maintenance work). Due to thermally induced changes in the length of the product itself, and also of the roof sealings on which it is laid, a certain evenness in the surface cannot be guaranteed as a property. If this is necessary on the object, it is recommended to form the maintenance paths with concrete slabs (check statics), or to install a walkway grating system anchored in the supporting structure.


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Top side / Bottom side

Top side

grey (embossed profile)

Bottom side


Intended use

  • Protective layer for the roofing sheet, marking of walkways


Hot air welding method


12 rolls of 20 m x 0.75m = 180 m² per pallet

Characteristics Testing method Unit Result
Visible defects EN 1850-2 Keine
Length EN 1848-2 m 20
Width EN 1848-2 m 0,75
Thickness EN 1849-2 mm ca. 2,1
Mass per unit area EN 1849-2 kg/m² ca. 2,1
Reaction to fire test EN 13501-1 Klasse E
Slip resistance DIN 51130 R 10