Büsscher DRAIN 20

Art.No. 94022

Perforated HDPE-dimpled membrane with water storage capacity

Intended use

  • Drainage and water storage mat for green roofs

    The drainage mat is breathable due to perforated areas and can be used in inverted roofing systems.


5 rolls of 20 m x 2m = 200 m² per pallet

Characteristics Unit Result
Length m 20
Width m 2
Dimple height mm 20
Mass per unit area g/m² ca. 700
Compressive strength kN/m² ca. 150
Water flow capacity in their plane i=1 at 20 kPa l/(s x m) ca. 9
Water storagecapability l/m² ca. 6
Air volumebetween dimples l/m² ca. 14
Thermal resistance °C -30 bis +80
Chemical properties - chemikalienbeständig
water permeability normal to the plane m/s ca. 100*10-3
Reaction to fire test Klasse E